From the moment I met Adam, I trusted him. He approaches his work with such organization and integrity. He's meticulous and dependable, which I so appreciated as a busy manager. With Adam, I knew that if I asked for something, it would get done. He's a creative thinker and a strong writer who can both brainstorm as a group and independently think through problems and come up with innovative solutions. It was truly a pleasure working with him.

Teresa Harris, Head of Marketing at Pixel Union

Adam is an amazing wordsmith and was a delight to work with. Adam knows how to be creative with craft, and he made sure that the copy on all Learners products was clear, concise, and effective. He patiently endured all of my questions, was always responsive to editing requests, and shared tips with the team to raise everyone's writing skills up a notch. Adam would be a great asset to any company looking for a fantastic writer!

Rachel Kim, Senior User Researcher at Questrade Financial Group

Startups will test your patience, your intellect, and many times, your character. Having worked closely with Adam, I know just how often he was tested. Whether it was developing email campaigns or proofing marketing materials, he made sure anything that was shipped was on-brand and carefully crafted. It was apparent just how valuable his skill set was to our nimble team from day 1.

If you're lucky enough to work with Adam, you're going to get an amazing colleague who's adaptable, supportive, and thoughtful.

Eve Aphayboun, Co-Founder at White Elephant Agency

Adam is an extremely talented and detail-oriented writer. I had the opportunity to work with him at BMO for a few months, and it was an absolute pleasure. He has a real knack for immersing himself in the user's perspective—which is a crucial skill set in this line of work—and does so without ever losing sight of the business goals. Adam also brings a lot of creativity and critical thinking to his work, never shying away from challenging an assumption. If you get the chance to work with him, don't pass it up!

Michael Wynands, Copywriter & UX Writer at BMO